Programming Differential Privacy

A book about differential privacy, for programmers

By Joseph P. Near and Chiké Abuah

Programming Differential Privacy uses examples and Python code to explain the ideas behind differential privacy! The book is suitable for undergraduate students in computer science, and no theory background is expected.

Programming Differential Privacy is executable! Each chapter is actually generated from Python code. If you view the HTML version of the book, you can click on the "Launch Binder" icon at the top of each page to start an interactive version of that chapter.

This book was originally developed at the University of Vermont as part of CS211: Data Privacy. The material has since been used at the University of Chicago, Penn State, and Rice University. If you're using the book in your course, please let us know!

Programming Differential Privacy is a living, open-source book. We welcome comments, suggestions, and contributions via issues and pull requests on the GitHub repository.

Please use the following to cite the book:

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